Your Tax Director Down the Hall

We're tax directors, not an accounting firm.

We advocate. We don't obstruct.

We've seen it before. Every question is not a project.

We're dependable. You'll work with the same person year after year!

We're results-oriented. If email doesn't work, we pick up the phone and solve the problem!

We cooperate with your auditors. But we'll tell you what we think!

We're experienced. You don't need to train us.

At VPTax, we're focused on your bottom line, not ours.

VPTax acts as an outsource tax director for business entities in all stages of development, from pre-revenue startups to mature profitable companies. Our tax directors provide advice, guidance and federal and state tax return preparation services. We offer an alternative model to traditional broad-scope accounting firms. Our clients say working with VPTax is like having a tax director down the hall because we are our clients' advocates, not a traditional service provider.