Income Tax Compliance and Accounting

We prepare federal and state income tax returns for most business entities in 10 days, guaranteed. No more trips to the post office on the last day!

If you need a tax provision, we will prepare it and interface with your auditors to ensure timely and correct reporting. We will integrate the tax return preparation with the provision to minimize the impact on you and your staff.

Tax return preparation is the core of our business. Our unique Dredge™ process ensures a quality product on a timely basis for a reasonable cost.

Besides identifying and quantifying reporting issues, the Dredge identifies tax incentives and tax-planning opportunities.

Our tax directors each have over 20 years' experience serving start-ups, multi-national and multi-state corporations as well as everything in between.

We keep it as simple as possible, focusing on those things that matter and not wasting your time.

Our service is personal. Our staff doesn't turnover annually, so your team will get to know our team. This continuity is invaluable to the process.